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Unleash the Power of Python for Excel: How to Elevate Your Data Management Skills

July 27, 2023

Microsoft Excel remains ubiquitous in the business world as a powerful tool to help companies make informed decisions through data organization and analysis. While Excel has continued to add new capabilities over the years, many users still experience:

  • Sluggish performance with large file sizes
  • Manual and time-consuming data cleanup
  • Excessive time spent on manual updates and repetitive tasks
  • Lackluster data visualizations

Join this webinar to hear from Armando Galeana, a senior instructor at Skillsoft Global Knowledge, as he unveils the game-changing potential of Python for Excel. Through practical use-case examples, Armando will demonstrate how non-programmers from a wide range of business roles can use Python to elevate their data management skills, automate tedious tasks, and create captivating data stories to ultimately drive better business decisions.

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