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Tech Talk - Citrix

Sep. 10, 2019

Learn more about Citrix technology, what job roles work with it, and more in our Global Knowledge Tech Talk hosted by Brent Brandow and joined by Citrix expert Justin Valletta. Justin is a sales engineer and solution architect for Citrix. 

Among the questions answered:

  • What does Citrix do?
  • What are the Citrix Workspace platform and Citrix Workspace app?
  • How can I use the Citrix Workspace platform and app for the secure delivery of SaaS and web apps?
  • Where do mobile apps fit in?
  • How are files handled in Citrix Workspace?
  • I have Citrix Receiver today, how do I transition to the Workspace App?
  • Can I customize the workspace?
  • What Identity Providers can I use?
  • What do you mean by workspace intelligence?
  • What is a microapp?
  • What types of devices and operating systems will support Workspace Intelligence?
  • Does Workspace Intelligence integrate with other platforms?