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Prioritization: Start Working Strategically

April 02, 2014
64m 5s

Today, every project comes with limited resources and an impossible timeline. You have to prioritize, but how do you determine what's most important?

The answer is to do more than just prioritize. You have to fully understand your company's strategic direction and make every action align with that strategy.

In this hour-long webinar, project management expert Yvan Bastien will show you how to reach that full understanding and make the kinds of informed decisions that lead to success.

Yvan Bastien

Yvan Bastien has more than 10 years of experience as a professional development trainer working with Global Knowledge and other clients to train students in a variety of business and leadership skills. In recent professional engagements, Bastien was senior project manager and business consultant within the financial services sector.
Bastien is also a trainer and avid student of interest-based negotiation and alternative dispute resolution concepts, which are key drivers in his professional and personal endeavours.