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How to Effectively Migrate a Web App to AWS

March 09, 2018

After selecting AWS as your organization’s cloud provider, users will generally have the question, “how do I move my existing web and mobile apps?” Watch this one-hour webinar where our AWS course director and master instructor Rich Morrow discusses best practices and techniques, the core AWS services to use and performs a live demo of migrating an existing site.

  • Using AWS best practices  and concepts we cover in the "Migrating to AWS" course, in this hands-on interactive webinar, we'll explore:
  • The value of migrating to AWS
  • The phases of migration: Discovery, Planning, Migration, Validation and Optimization
  • Core services used in a web app migration
  • Live Demo on AWS: Migration of an existing site to show users how simple and quick it can be

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Rich Morrow

Rich Morrow is a 20-year open-source technology veteran who enjoys coding and teaching as much as writing and speaking. He spends about half of his work life traveling the world training the Fortune 500 on their high-level value props as well as low-level technical implementation and operation. The other half of his work life revolves around speaking, writing, and analyst engagements around IoT, cloud, big data, mobile, and devops/agile methodologies.

He served as one of the top 5 analysts for GigaOM, and now publishes his works through O'Reilly Media, Venture Beat, Global Knowledge, and other channels.