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Lean/Agile Principles for Agility at Scale

Jan. 18, 2022
58m 59s

When the agile movement first saw broad adoption, there was tremendous success at the team level. It didn't take long for large organizations to run into challenges seeing that same type of success in larger, more complex initiatives. This presentation is an introduction to the expanded principles of agility intended to harness the effectiveness of agile teams and bring better organizational alignment to larger efforts built upon the effectiveness of highly agile teams.

Chris Knotts

Cprime Learning’s Chris Knotts is responsible for designing and evangelizing our technology innovation curriculum. He maintains the Cprime Learning training catalog for emergent technology and critical technology topics such as enterprise software engineering, DevOps, agility, continuous delivery, information security, advanced analytics and data engineering.

In this Webinar, you will learn:

  • Why highly performing agile teams are a good start towards implementing transformational work, but are only the beginning
  • How lean program and portfolio management enables enterprise-wide agility
  • The basics of how to prioritize, coordinate, and manage multiple streams of enterprise work
  • How and why finance and funding practices must change to align with enterprise agility
  • The difference between applying lean concepts for innovation and experimentation, vs. applying them to mainline work at scale