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How to Avoid a Cyber Disaster

April 27, 2011
43m 24s

Planning for a cyber disaster makes recovering from one much easier. Still, as important as disaster planning is, it's often overlooked or put off until it is too late. In this webinar, Global Knowledge instructor Debbie Dahlin discusses planning for the unexpected -- whether the unexpected means a simple power outage, a network security breach, or a major natural disaster. She'll discuss risk analysis and risk management techniques and explain the importance and process of creating a business continuity plan.

Using a fictional company as an example, Debbie will walk you through the disaster planning process a security professional should use, and she will provide simple tricks to reduce your company's downtime before, during, and after a disaster.

Debbie Dahlin


  • What a disaster is
  • How to plan
  • Techniques to reduce the impact of a disaster
  • What a BCP is
  • Five rules for creating a good disaster plan
  • Testing your disaster plan
  • Funding the plan
  • How and where to get help with your disaster planning process