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How Project Managers Can Influence Their Stakeholders' Perceptions

Sep. 25, 2014
60m 54s

In this hour-long webinar, Global Knowledge instructor and PMP-certified project management expert Daniel Stober will look beyond the triple constraint model and focus on the true essence of project success: stakeholder satisfaction.

Many project managers (PMs) fall into the familiar habit of managing based on the constraints of time, cost and scope. While all of these are important, managing them effectively doesn't guarantee project success if the PM fails to conduct proper stakeholder management.

To manage stakeholders effectively, the PM has to set expectations. Once expectations are set, the PM must influence the perception of project performance with the stakeholder. Tune in as Dan explores methods you can use to accomplish that goal.

Daniel Stober

Dan Stober is a PMP-certified project manager with more than ten years of experience managing projects. His experience includes managing projects for the U.S. government in the United States, Middle East and Europe.