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Common Networking Standards and Why They Are Relevant

July 29, 2014
58m 35s

Often, we don't have time to learn the reasons behind the standards we use. But learning what instigated a standard goes a long way toward not only understanding its importance, but also more easily and effectively applying it in your workplace.

In this hour-long webinar, Global Knowledge instructor Keith Sorn will discuss common networking standards and explain how they were determined and why they are relevant. He will fill you in on things like why it's important to use proper color-coding standards when making cable and why the length limitations on wired cable are essential. He will also explain new standards, such as power over fiber.

Keith Sorn

Keith is a computational physicist working in the IT field who splits his time between teaching at Global Knowledge and consulting. Keith teaches courses on UNIX/Linux (including writing of the kernel), programming, security and networking. He has worked with numerous and varied clients, including Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, DoD, IBM, UNISYS and Lockheed, and he enjoys programming, penetration testing and his family life.


  • Why STP and UTP are twisted
  • Why we have five classes of addresses
  • Why we have an ISO OSI networking model
  • Why you need to know subnetting