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Can Use Cases Really be Used in an Agile Environment?

Oct. 17, 2013
53m 4s

Agile is a set of principles requiring a significant cultural shift, new paradigms in thinking and team organization. Over the years, Agile has become "productized" or in many cases "institutionalized", creating different flavours and levels of commitment among teams and organizations. Along the way, managers and team members have lost sight of Agile's principles and tried to enforce the use of certain tools and structure where they may not belong. In this one hour webinar, Perry McLeod will explain how tools such as use cases can be successful in an agile environment, provided the principles of agile are always active in the minds of the managers and the team members that are using them. Join Perry to determine whether or not making the cultural shift towards the use case method in an agile environment is the right move for you and your organization.

Perry McLeod

Perry McLeod is an incorporated Management Consultant (PJM Limited), Facilitator and Instructor with over twenty years experience in business analysis, workshops and facilitation, process reengineering, project management, business and systems modeling, strategic alignment, mentoring and training. Perry delivers industry recognized best practices for some of North America's most successful companies across a number of industries including banking and finance, agriculture, supply chain, consumer products, software design, insurance and payment processing.

Perry has taught at most of the major universities across Canada as well as public and private organizations including the Ministry of the Environment's Land and Resources Cluster and the Government of Canada.Perry's specialty is developing custom running cases, which are specific to the learner's experience.This creates a personalized just-in-time solution that is more facilitative, allowing the participants to create their own learning experience.


  • What does it mean to foster an agile culture?
  • What are the principles of agile?
  • How can the use case method be used in agile?