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Business-IT Alignment: Driving Business Outcomes

Dec. 06, 2016
54m 42s

Business and IT alignment is not a one-and-done thing. On the contrary, business strategies and goals continually evolve and cascade down to more specific needs throughout the enterprise — including IT.

To stay aligned with the business, the IT side of the house should consistently ensure that it and the business both understand what outcomes are desired in strategic, tactical, and operational contexts. At the same time, IT should build up the disciplines required to enable — and ultimately track — those outcomes.

Adam McClellan

Adam McClellan has 12 years of enterprise as a business architect and analyst. He brings a combined focus on high-quality solutions and timely delivery to his work and has experienced first-hand the valuable knowledge and enlightening conversations to be had at all levels of an organization.

Adam lives with his family in Durham, North Carolina, where he operates his consulting practice, Brightrope.

  • Introduction: why is alignment a pressing need?
  • What do we mean by business outcomes?
  • What does the business want?
  • Why doesn't the business know what it wants?
  • What does effective IT enablement look like?
  • How and why do you track outcomes?
  • What is the path forward?