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Why You Should Care About Private Group Training

March 11, 2020
Ryan Day

Think about your co-workers in similar job roles. How do your skill sets compare?

We all have our strengths and weaknesses. And we all took different paths to arrive where we are today. Likely, skill sets diverge in several areas, even among professionals who share job functions.

It’s this type of misalignment that can present a certain risk to the organization.

Private Group Training (PGT) minimizes that risk. The benefit of PGT, particularly when it comes to high-priority or high-risk skills, is it gathers a group of like colleagues together in front of a subject matter expert. PGT, which can also be referred to as onsite training, coordinates the group, eliminating the disparity between co-worker skill sets.


Schedule a virtual session of PGT

Train confidently and minimize distractions by attending a virtual session of Private Group Training. Enjoy the same, customized group experience, but in an interactive, virtual environment instead of in-person. Keep skills development moving, even when people can't travel or be in the office.


PGT helps your team develop a common language

PGT has all of the benefits of traditional instructor-led training—expert engagement, structure, peer-to-peer interaction. But instead of strangers in your classroom, all students in the course are co-workers who likely share similar goals and responsibilities. All of a sudden, training also becomes a team-building exercise. Co-workers train together, learn how to be better at their jobs, and subsequently, they work better together after training concludes.

Global Knowledge instructor Samuel Brown says onsite training provides opportunities for colleagues to develop new ways to communicate and work together.

“The obvious benefit of the onsite environment is the opportunity to group students based on similarity of project and give them the opportunity to discuss the content and application of it to their work within the small group without having to share the specifics in an open forum,” Brown said.


Contextualized training for high-priority projects

PGT provides an environment geared toward a team’s specific needs. Discussion and content can be adjusted on the fly to address customer-specific situations. It’s ideal for a group working on a project or campaign. It includes a customized curriculum where internal company information can be discussed openly.

We’ve witnessed, in many public classes, students aren’t always comfortable sharing their job-specific technical and environmental factors when talking about a topic. In PGT, there’s greater freedom to unpack the specific deployment expectations of that environment.

“When I’m teaching a public course, I have people from different companies, different industries, meaning my teaching has to be rather neutral to accommodate so many different students,” said Global Knowledge instructor Daniel Cummins. “If I come to one company where all the students are with one employer, one industry, then I can tailor my teaching to meet their needs. They may even be able to request that we elaborate on certain topics outside of the course content due to a specific need at that company. We cannot do that in a public training situation.”


PGT is flexible

This is your chance to customize your learning experience.

How many team members need training? PGT is scalable to large or small groups.

Prefer to train onsite? With PGT, you choose the training location. Attend in a traditional classroom, virtual classroom or in your office. We even train on naval ships.


PGT won’t break your budget

PGT tends to have better rates than public training courses, with a reduced cost per student and includes instructor travel.

“The company can save money by having an instructor come teach a group of employees all at once rather than sending employees individually to a training center,” Cummins said.


How to determine the best way to train

For highly valuable and critical projects, you can’t afford to rely solely on informal resources. You need that expert instruction and interaction.

The Global Knowledge Skills Development Index™ helps learners identify their skills need and select an appropriate learning modality. For the important skills—the ones that are most critical for your business—PGT is your best option for learning success.

PGT has all the benefits of instructor-led training, but each class includes only your employees. PGT creates a unique environment tailored specifically for your team or organization’s needs. Get all team members on the same page and prepare for high-priority roll-outs or migrations.


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“Is PGT right for you?” cheat sheet

  1. Do you have to train 6-plus people on a similar subject?
  2. Do you want to bring an instructor to your location?
  3. Do you need to discuss confidential information?
  4. Do you want to save money on training?