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There’s Nothing Average About a Global Knowledge Instructor

Jan. 11, 2019
Mike Morris

Do you remember that teacher that made the most difficult concepts easy to understand? The one who amazed you with their complete understanding of the subject matter. The one who actually wrote the book.* We remember those teachers too and the concepts they imparted on us. We know that a good teacher can have a lifelong impact on their students. That’s why we employ only the best and brightest instructors at Global Knowledge.


Experts defined

The term “expert instructor” is overused in the training industry and often unsubstantiated. While many organizations promote their instructors as experts, few, if any, back their claims with real data. We understand that your IT systems are critical, training budgets are limited, and IT skills gaps are growing. We also know it’s essential that training programs deliver the skills needed to help organizations evolve as they face digital transformation. The right instructor plays a critical role in the transfer of knowledge and student success. You don’t need someone who claims to be an expert—you need an instructor with real knowledge and authority. We recently conducted a survey of our instructors to illustrate the Global Knowledge definition of an expert instructor.



Experts inside the classroom and out

In addition to their years of experience, our instructors also bring real-world skills into the classroom. Our survey revealed that 69 percent of our instructors are active IT consultants in addition to their time in the classroom. This allows them to supplement course content with perspectives and best practices from the field. Not only will you be learning applicable material, you’ll be learning from somebody who is still active and still working with the latest technologies in the production environment.


What our students have to say

The truest measure of an instructor’s quality and impact is feedback from their students. Here are just a few quotes from students that have trained with us in the past six months that illustrate their experiences.

“The instructor, Jason Wyatte, was phenomenal. He really knew how to connect with the students and teach the material in a fun way, and had great methods of making the more difficult aspects easier to understand.”

T. Merrill
Student: CCNAX v3.0 – CCNA Routing and Switching Boot Camp

“The instructor was extremely knowledgeable. He was able to break down a tough subject which made it easier to learn.”

H. Loper
Student: ICND1 v3.0 – Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices, Part 1

“The instructor was extremely knowledgeable and excited about doing his job. You can tell he really enjoyed what he did. He was also able to present the information in a way that those novice and experts alike could understand.”

L. Thomas
Student: Supporting and Troubleshooting Windows 10 (M10982)

“I loved the hands on material. The instructor was also extremely knowledgeable and was able to supplement the provided course materials with excellent up-to-date resources.”

P. Yang
Student: Certified Ethical Hacker v9


Get to know our experts

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*Global Knowledge instructor Bill Ferguson wrote the official cert guide for the vSphere 6 Foundations Exam.