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Revolutionizing Learning: Exploring the Launch of Cisco U. With Skillsoft Global Knowledge

Aug. 30, 2023
Global Knowledge

As a proponent of continuous lifelong learning and professional advancement, Skillsoft Global Knowledge is proud to announce our partnership with Cisco to provide additional educational content through Cisco U. Cisco U. provides access to the most hands-on and flexible tech education solutions for proactive professional transformation.

Learners and leaders will now have access to all Skillsoft’s tech content material through Skillsoft Global Knowledge enhanced, all-in-one, tech learning experience platform Cisco U.

Cisco U. is the learning source for tech with courses and tailored content for Cisco products and beyond, it is a community for learners and creators and a trusted resource for organizations and leaders. It empowers learners and professionals, driving organizational success, addressing the skills gap, and fostering lifelong learning.

Cisco U. guides you through your tech learning goals while focusing on the importance of continuous learning, upskilling, and reskilling, and innovation. Whether you need training for a certification, job role, or technology solution, Cisco U. has you covered with courses and content to shape how you learn.

For leaders, Cisco U. is the tech learning experience that guides your team toward your goals. With content tailored to each learner’s and team’s journey, plus community support from peers, it turns today’s learners into tomorrow’s experts.



Skillsoft Global Knowledge is the world's leading and most trusted Cisco Platinum Learning Partner. Our focus is on excellence in delivering our Cisco Training programs for our customers. Our instructors are qualified, offering learning on the latest advanced technologies and helping you achieve Cisco certifications either as a company or as an engineer.

Skillsoft Global Knowledge has positioned itself to be a driver for continuous learning. Building your IT career or growing your teams’ tech competencies with Cisco U. is more flexible and powerful than ever before. Whether you're just starting out in an entry- level role, or progressing through to expert levels , choose your technology path and advance your career with Cisco U.



Discover personalized recommendations, explore in-depth multi-vendor training, and join collaborative communities—all powered by machine learning and natural language processing.

Cisco U. brings together the depth of industry-leading certifications, products, and role-based training offerings that our learners know and trust, including Security, AppDynamics, and Meraki. With Cisco U., you will also have access to training from other adjacent technologies and learning partners—like Skillsoft, Microsoft, and AWS—providing your team a single place to learn, even if you support a multi-vendor stack.



With an AI/ML engine, Cisco U. recommends content and provides personalized feedback through assessments that validate skills and guide learners to and through their personalized content. Cisco U. offers you:

  • Goal-based learning paths are designed to guide learners toward certifications, help them earn badges, and allow them to track their progress. These role-based paths build specific skill sets, provide faster completion times, and reduce repetitive learning.
  • Solution-based learning crafted around Cisco and other adjacent technologies to form comprehensive learning paths, including security analysis, network automation, and hybrid cloud content with contributions from Cisco partners like HashiCorp and Skillsoft so your team can thrive in a multi-vendor world.
  • Project-based learning and topic-specific training, ensuring everyone starts a project with the same foundational knowledge set.
  • AI-driven recommendations and machine learning (ML) personalization options that become more refined as learners increase their use of Cisco U.


There are three Cisco U. subscriptions available.



Skillsoft Global Knowledge embraces the importance of continuous opportunities for growth and learning in the digital age, by unleashing comprehensive and personalized learning experiences.

Tech learning, shaped for you and tailored to your team.


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