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Palo Alto Networks Training Credits Program

June 21, 2024
Global Knowledge

What Are Palo Alto Networks Training Credits?

Palo Alto Networks Training Credits are used to purchase prepaid, instructor-led training (ILT) courses through Palo Alto Networks Authorized Training Partners (ATPs). As one of the first Global Authorized Training Providers for Palo Alto Networks, Skillsoft Global Knowledge is proud to offer a comprehensive training portfolio spanning firewall essentials, cloud security, threat detection, endpoint protection, and more.

How Do Training Credits Work?

Training Credits are purchased directly from Palo Alto Networks and can be redeemed with Skillsoft Global Knowledge. They are valid for 12 months from the date of issuance and can be used by all employees within an organization for any Palo Alto Networks open enrollment, private or group on-site, or virtual classes offered by Skillsoft Global Knowledge. Additionally, these credits can be redeemed for Palo Alto Networks Technical Certification exam vouchers.

How Do I Purchase Training Credits?

Customers can buy Training Credits through the Palo Alto Networks reseller community. To find a reseller, visit Palo Alto Networks Contact Sales. After filling out the Contact Sales form, a designated Palo Alto Networks reseller will reach out to you.

What is the Redemption Process?

To redeem Training Credits, customers use their Training Credits ID to pay for services from an Authorized Training Partner, like Skillsoft Global Knowledge. The customer must provide the Palo Alto issued Training Credit ID number during the transaction. Skillsoft Global Knowledge will then check the customer's credit balance by contacting the Palo Alto Networks Training Credits Administrator. The administrator will reserve the necessary amount needed for the transaction with Skillsoft Global Knowledge, reducing the Training Credits balance. Once the services are provided, the final amount is permanently deducted from the balance.

The Training Credits redemption process offers a clear visual guide for using Training Credits. In the diagram below, the customer plans to use their Training Credits to sign up for a class.

What Are the Benefits of Redeeming Training Credits with Skillsoft Global Knowledge?

Customers benefit from the simplicity and flexibility of Training Credits, gaining the added confidence of truly understanding the technical capabilities of Palo Alto Networks security platforms—knowledge that only comes with hands-on training. The following advantages stand out:

  • Conveniently and efficiently purchase and manage training.
  • Enjoy a wide range of options for redeeming Palo Alto Networks Training Credits.
  • Experience a simplified ordering and tracking process.
  • Access Skillsoft Global Knowledge’s learning programs crafted specifically to your budget and skill requirements.


Key Insights on Palo Alto Networks Training Credits

  • Issuance: Training Credits must be issued by Palo Alto Networks.
  • Redemption: They are exclusively redeemed through Authorized Training Partners (ATP) like Skillsoft Global Knowledge.
  • Purchase Options: Training Credits are available in various quantities to align with training goals. They can be bought separately or bundled with hardware, software licenses, or services.
  • Expiry: Credits expire one year after the sale date and cannot be redeemed after expiration. Courses must be completed within one year from the Palo Alto Networks sales order close date.
  • Combining Credits: Multiple credits can be pooled to pay for an ATP service.
  • Value: Each credit equals $100 USD.
  • Limitations: They cannot be used to buy products, software licenses, or non-education services from Palo Alto Networks or participating ATPs.
  • Restrictions: Credits are not applicable to non-Palo Alto Networks training, cash, or purchase of other products/services from Palo Alto Networks or resellers.



For inquiries or assistance, please reach out to your Skillsoft Global Knowledge Account Manager. You can also contact our sales experts to discover how to use your Training Credits.
Leverage your Palo Alto Training Credits today to access Skillsoft Global Knowledge solutions, encompassing instructor-led, on-demand, and private group training. View our courses to get started.
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