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Microsoft Data and AI Hype

April 15, 2024
Global Knowledge

Unleash the Power of Microsoft Data and AI Training

During the third week of our Microsoft Hype Month, we’re exploring Microsoft Data and AI.

Qualified data professionals and cloud experts have promising job prospects in today’s world of digital transformation. They play a crucial role in migrating data to the cloud, using AI and analytics to provide actionable insights, and managing significant volumes of data, including reporting and visualization. Earning a Microsoft Certification can help you demonstrate the necessary knowledge and experience to excel in this field.

Depending on your goals, you may choose to master the basics with the Azure Data Fundamentals certification, or level up with the Azure AI Engineer Associate, Azure Data Scientist Associate, or Azure Developer Associate certifications. Find the right Microsoft Azure certification tailored to your profession or the one you aspire to have.

Most Popular Microsoft Data and AI Courses Most Popular Microsoft Data and AI Certifications
  • Microsoft AI Fundamentals
  • Microsoft Power BI Analyst
  • Microsoft Power Platform Developer
  • Microsoft Certified: AI Fundamentals
  • Microsoft Certified: AI Engineer Associate
  • Microsoft Certified: Azure Data Scientist Associate


Discover the Top Paying Microsoft Certifications

Microsoft-certified professionals often command higher salaries, increased job opportunities, and career advancements. By staying abreast of the ever-evolving tech landscape, IT professionals remain valuable assets to their employers and enhance their credibility in the job market.

According to Skillsoft’s IT Skills and Salary Report, Microsoft certifications have consistently contributed to professionals’ earning potential, positioning them among the top earners in the industry.

Interested in learning more about the current state of the tech industry? See the highest-paying Microsoft certifications here.


Microsoft Hype Month Promotions

  • 50% Discount on Microsoft ILT Courses
  • 25% Discount on the Elite Total Access Collection for Microsoft Subscription

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