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How Microsoft is accelerating AI transformation

Aug. 10, 2023
Global Knowledge

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is grabbing headlines and inspiring imaginations around the world with its potential to transform the world as we know it. With Microsoft Cloud, organizations have a unique opportunity to amplify human ingenuity and realize exponential value with the leading AI platform.

Organizations have come to recognize AI as a transformative technology that enables them to gain real business advantages. AI’s ability to organize vast quantities of data allows those who implement it to uncover deep business insights, augment human expertise, drive operational efficiency, transform their products, and better serve their customers.

Microsoft Cloud can help organizations harness AI to drive value faster and shape the future of their industries by:

  • Empowering everyone with a copilot to rediscover the joy of work.
  • Building your own AI-powered apps to deliver transformational experiences.
  • Growing your business with the most open and comprehensive copilot ecosystem.
  • Safeguarding your business and data with a trusted AI platform.


Microsoft builds a future where AI advances and benefits society

As technology change accelerates, the work to govern AI responsibly must keep pace with it. Microsoft is committed to the advancement of AI driven by principles that put people first, from assessment through development and deployment. When building responsible AI practices , these principles create a strong foundation to build a future in which AI advances and benefits society.

Microsoft responsible AI principles

  • Fairness: AI systems must be developed to treat all people fairly.
  • Reliability and safety: AI systems must be designed to perform reliably and safely.
  • Privacy and security: AI systems must comply with privacy laws.
  • Inclusiveness: AI systems must be designed to address a broad range of human needs and experiences.
  • Transparency: AI system behavior and functional components should be understood so that people can identify potential issues or unintended outcomes.
  • Accountability: People who design and deploy AI systems must be accountable for how their systems operate.


Here’s some tips on how your organization can prepare to lead the new AI era:

  • Learn how migrating your data to Azure can give you the foundation for better AI experiences.
  • Learn how to build AI-powered applications for your organization on Azure.
  • Learn how GitHub Copilot can drive 55% greater productivity for developers.
  • Learn how AI capabilities enable personalised coaching and intelligence for sellers.
  • Learn how Microsoft 365 brings together identity, applications, management, security, and your enterprise data so you can be AI-ready.

Now is the time to get certified on Microsoft AI

Prove that you have the AI skills it takes to build a better world. Earning your Azure AI Fundamentals certification gives the foundation you need to build your career and demonstrate your knowledge of common AI and machine learning workloads.

Skillsoft Global Knowledge offers free one-day live virtual AI Fundamental classes across multiple time zones and languages. Register here.


Additional Microsoft AI courses and resources:

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