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MPLS – Part 6

Article | May 11, 2010

We have three major issues that we need to deal with in order to successfully use routers within a WAN provider’s cloud: Multiple routing tables in RAM Excessive latency Address-space collisions Let’s assume that we have a WAN provider with two customers, “A” an...

Detailed File Share Auditing allows you to monitor access to Windows 7 file shares

Article | May 04, 2010

Windows 7 can be a good file server on very small workgroup networks. Although Windows 7 is limited to only 10 concurrent client connections as a file server it can do a good job making files accessible over a network. Windows 7 shares a great deal of code with Windo...

QOS Bandwidth vs Bandwidth Remaining

Article | April 14, 2010

Learn how to calculate QOS Bandwidth Percent vs Bandwidth Remaining Percent using a Cisco-defined formula. Read on for answers and examples from the experts at Global Knowledge!

VoIP Networks and One Way Audio

Article | March 30, 2010

There are many interesting new issues that seem to have come with the addition of voice and video to the data network. Most of the engineers that are now working on VoIP networks come from either a pure data network background or a traditional phone system background...

Where Did That 169.254.x.x IP Address Come From?

Article | March 22, 2010

In my last post, we learned that the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) is a computer networking protocol used by hosts, identified as DHCP clients, to retrieve IP address assignments and other configuration information. DHCP uses a client-server architectur...

Supporting Windows 7 Group Policy Settings with Windows Server 2003 Domain Controllers

Article | March 16, 2010

Recently, I was asked the following question: “We plan to implement Windows 7 in our network very soon. We want to use Windows 2003 Domain Controllers for the next couple of years. Can we make the hundreds of new Group Policy setting available to Windows 7 Windows Server 2003 DCs?” This is not an unusual situation. Some organizations find they need to replace their desktop computers immediately because of age or obsolescence and others wish to upgrade to Windows 7 because of its superior security and performance. But there may be no budget or desire to upgrade to Windows 2008 or 2008 R2. Luckily, it is not difficult to adapt Server 2003 to work with Windows 7.

Quality of Service, Part 12 – Low Latency Queuing

Article | Feb. 18, 2010

Part 11 of this blog series looked at Class Based Weighted Fair Queuing. This blog will explore the next queue mechanism; Low Latency Queuing (LLQ). As seen in the previous section of this QoS series, CBWFQ provides user defined traffic classes allowing for more con...

Quality of Service, Part 11: CBWFQ

Article | Feb. 16, 2010

Part 10 of this blog series looked at Weighted Fair Queuing, so now we move on to the next queue mechanism; Class Based Weighted Fair Queuing (CBWFQ).CBWFQ provides user defined traffic classes allowing for more control and functionality then weighted Fair Queuing. C...

AnyConnect Syslog Troubleshooting

Article | Feb. 15, 2010

I recently was presented with the challenge of logging ALL of the pertinent connection, disconnection, and termination messages associated with the Cisco SSL AnyConnect client without overwhelming the syslog capture display with extraneous messages. This blog will br...

Quality of Service, Part 10 – Weighted Fair Queuing

Article | Feb. 12, 2010

WFQ is a flow-based method that sends packets over the network and ensures packet transmission efficiency which is critical to the interactive traffic. This method automatically stabilizes network congestion between individual packet transmission flows.