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ServiceNow Platform Implementation

Learn how to implement ServiceNow platform functionality and applications.

This 3-day class is intended to prepare technical consultants for their first customer deployment projects. Students work from a backlog of stories (requirements) to complete configurations common to 80% of customer deployments while learning about implementation best practices and exploring newer features of the platform.

The course weaves a scenario throughout each module to present real world, relevant lab exercises. The class features lecture and group activities, as well as extensive hands-on practice and reinforcement delivered in a variety of labs.

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Who Should Attend?

The ServiceNow Platform Implementation course is for customers, partners, and employees in technical roles such as Implementer, Technical Consultant, Architect, and System Administrator who implement ServiceNow platform functionality and applications.

What You'll Learn

Upon completion of this course students will be able to:

  • Judge accuracy, clarity, feasibility, and size of customer requirements.
  • Recognize, understand, and apply the primary platform building blocks to satisfy common requirements.
  • Examine the architecture – regardless of the product lines, the platform building blocks are the same. Design solutions that are supportable, maintainable, and upgradable.
  • Become familiar with common design patterns and configuration principles that maximize supportability, maintainability, and upgradability for long-term customer success.
  • Practice developing design solutions for customers that comply with common ServiceNow application design patterns and technical best practices.
  • Implement common tasks included as part of the initial setup of customer instances, including loading foundational data, CMDB and integrating with LDAP Directory Servers.
  • Apply experiences working as part of a scrum team in classroom simulations to accelerate the process of assimilating within actual ServiceNow implementation teams.

Course Outline

Module 1: Overview of Now Create


  • Recognize ServiceNow product offerings and associate customer needs with product offerings
  • Identify the different Now Create phases
  • Discover success packs and assets
  • Describe a typical project flow and understand how the methodology fits

Activities and Labs:

  • Lab 1.01 - Explore the Now Create Portal

Module 2: Initiate


  • Initiate phase overview
  • Explain roles and responsibilities
  • Describe the current architecture
  • Identify the implementation team
  • Discover and prepare the Kick-Off meeting

Activities and Labs:

  • Activity – Kick-Off Meeting discussion
  • Lab 2.01 – Create an Implementation Dashboard

Module 3: Plan


  • Explain Agile board and how to plan and track sprints and stories
  • Practice various instance configuration tasks
  • Integrate ServiceNow with a Directory Server to manage authentication and user data
  • State how you can drive a high quality solution with Architectural and Technical governance
  • Describe CSDM
  • Import structured data into an instance using Transform Maps

Activities and Labs:

  • Lab 3.01 – Agile Planning and Tracking
  • Activity – Class Discussion: Requirement Workshop
  • Lab 3.02 - Security Admin Group Set up
  • Lab 3.03 - Configure LDAP Authentication and Data Population

Pick one:

  • Lab 3.04 -Configure CMDB and Load Data
  • Lab 3.05 - Import Foundation Data

Module 4: Execute


  • Identify building blocks used in platform and custom applications
  • Design solutions to maximize system quality attributes
  • Use ServiceNow development tools to improve efficiency
  • Explain deployment process and security operations for scoped vs. global applications
  • Apply lessons learned to complete a mini-implementation
  • Use Agile project management Sprints to segment and organize work

Activities and Labs:

  • Lab 4.00: Activity: Sprint Planning
  • Lab 4.01: Build HHD Application
  • Lab 4.02: Add Delegated Developers
  • Lab 4.03: Activity: Mini-implementation

Module 5: Deliver


  • Identify code deployment methods
  • Test and UAT
  • Explain the importance of process user training and change enablement
  • Apply lessons learned to complete the go-live

Activities and Labs:

  • Activity – Go-Live

Module 6: Close


  • Identify reporting project benefits
  • Plan on how to stay up to date with most current version of ServiceNow
  • Ensure user awareness and training
  • Explain the project close down