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Service Mapping Implementation

Take Service Mapping in ServiceNow to the next level.

This classroom training offers critical implementation practices centered around typical Service Mapping conversations including gaining additional hands-on technical implementation skills for a Service Mapping deployment. Students should have previous Service Mapping experience, either by attending the Service Mapping Fundamentals course or by being part of a Service Mapping Implementation.

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Who Should Attend?

For technical consultants and partners that will be responsible for implementing Service Mapping.

What You'll Learn

Course topics include:

  • Introduction to Service Mapping
  • Level Setting ITOM Knowledge including MID Servers, Discovery, Service Mapping, and Event Management
  • How the Reconciliation and Identification Framework relates to Service Mapping
  • Security in Service Mapping implementations
  • Key elements for a Service Mapping engagement
  • Key concepts of requirements gathering
  • Objection handling and scoping refinement

Course Outline

Module 1: Introduction

Module 2: Level Set ITOM Knowledge

Lab 2.1: MID Server Configuration
Lab 2.2: Credentials Configuration
Lab 2.3a: Use Command Line Console
Lab 2.3b: Map Services with CI Tagging
Lab 2.4: Discovery Ruby on Rails Service
Lab 2.5: Event Management

Module 3: Discovery Patterns

Lab 3.1: Migrating Services Between Environments
Lab 3.2: Update Pattern Between Environments
Lab 3.3: Custom Pattern Operations

Module 4: Identification Rules

Lab 4.1: Work With Identification Rules

Module 5: Security

Module 6: Engagement Readiness

Lab 6.1: Discover Felinism Service
Lab 6.2: Discover Ticket Monster Service



  • Intermediate Windows and Unix administration skills
  • Acquaintance with various IT infrastructure technologies (web servers, application
    servers, load balancers, databases, and virtualization technologies)
  • Scripting capabilities (SSH and Windows Commands)
  • Familiarity with network concepts (routers, switches, firewalls, NAT, load balancing)
  • Understanding of protocols such as HTTP, TCP, SNMP, SOAP, REST
  • Understanding of concepts such as XML, Regex, Delimited text, and JSON