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Oracle Database 12c

This course covers the Oracle Database 12c.

GK# 7356

Course Overview


This course covers the training content for the 1Z0-060 Oracle Database 12c: New Features for Administrators exam; how to install the Oracle Database 12c software and database and how to upgrade to Oracle 12c; the Oracle database architecture and help to prepare for the 1Z0-062 certification exam; how to perform backup and recovery techniques in Oracle Database 12c; all the tasks involved in managing, tuning, and protecting an Oracle 12c Database system; an introduction to the Oracle Database 12c database technology, including how to write queries; the methodology for identifying and resolving poorly performing SQL statements; the architecture, installation, maintenance and tuning of Oracle Database 12c RAC.


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What You'll Learn

  • Installation
  • Upgrading
  • Database Architecture and Management Tools
  • Manage the Database Instance
  • The Network Environment and User Security
  • Storage structures and Undo Data
  • Data Concurrency and Auditing
  • Backup, Recover, and Move Data
  • Maintenance and Performance Tuning
  • Resource Manager, Scheduler, and Support
  • Configuring for Recoverability
  • Performing and Managing Backups
  • Failure and Recovery Concepts
  • Perform Recovery and Secure Backup
  • Using Flashback Technologies
  • Transporting Data and Performing PITR
  • Duplicating Databases and Tuning RMAN
  • Managing an Oracle Database 12c Instance
  • Connectivity and Space Management in Oracle Database 12c
  • User Security and Auditing in Oracle Database 12c
  • Backing Up, Recovering, Importing, and Exporting Data in Oracle Database 12c
  • Database Maintenance and Performance Tuning in Oracle Database 12c
  • SQL Tuning, Resource Management, and Job Scheduling in Oracle Database 12c
  • Relational Database and SQL Developer
  • SQL*Plus and SELECT Statement
  • Restrict, Sort, and Customize Output
  • Data Conversion and Aggregating Data
  • Working with Joins and Subqueries
  • Data Manipulation Language
  • Working with SET Operators and DDL
  • Introduction
  • Automatic Workload Repository
  • Metrics and Monitoring
  • Application Monitoring and SQL Diagnostics
  • Tuning Problem SQL Statements
  • Measuring and Maintaining SQL Performance
  • Tuning Instance Memory
  • Performance Tuning Summary
  • Introduction to Oracle RAC
  • Installing, Configuring, and Patching
  • Day-to-Day Administration
  • Backup and Recovery
  • Global Resource Management
  • Monitoring and Tuning
  • Client Connections and QoS
  • Services and Multitenant Architecture


Viewing outline for:

On-Demand Outline

Oracle Database 12c: Enterprise Manager Cloud Control (Update Avail.)

  • Describe the flow of communication between core Enterprise Manager Cloud Control components
  • Recognize how to manage credentials for Enterprise Manager Cloud Control
  • Identify the different type of tools Oracle provides for database management
  • Describe the multitenant architecture and its components
  • Identify how to create a CDB
  • Identify how to create a PDB
  • Identify the Enterprise Manager Cloud Control and CDB architectures and create CDB and PDBs in a given scenario

Oracle Database 12c: Managing CDB and PDB, and Data Optimization (Update Avail.)

  • Identify how to connect to, start up, and shut down a CDB
  • Identify how to create and manage permanent and temporary tablespaces in a CDB instance and PDBs
  • Identify how to create and manage common and local users in a CDB instance and PDBs
  • Identify how to manage privileges and roles in CDB and PDB
  • Identify how to perform CDB and PDB backups
  • Perform recovery of CDB in a given scenario
  • Recover PDBs in a given scenario
  • Identify how to manage CDBs and PDBs in a given scenario

Oracle Database 12c: Using Automatic Data Optimization (Update Avail.)

  • Sequence the steps taken to configure Heat Map and ADO in a given scenario
  • Identify how to create ADO compression policies
  • Identify how to manage ADO policies
  • Identify how to monitor ADO using views and procedures
  • Identify statements that describe how to move a data file and partitions online
  • Identify how In-Database Archiving is used within the Oracle 12c environment
  • Identify how Temporal Validity is used within the Oracle 12c environment
  • Identify how to use ILM features, In-Database Archiving, and Temporal Validity in a given scenario

Oracle Database 12c: Managing Security (Update Avail.)

  • Describe the features of Unified Audit Trail
  • Describe how to configure audit policies
  • Recognize the functions of the new administrative privileges
  • Describe the implementation of new administrative privileges
  • Sequence the steps to perform privilege analysis
  • Describe the characteristics of redaction policies
  • Use the new Oracle Database 12c security features

Oracle Database 12c: High Availability and Database Management (Update Avail.)

  • Identify the new RMAN enhancements in Oracle Database 12c
  • Sequence the steps to perform cross-platform data transport
  • Describe how to perform table recovery using RMAN
  • Describe how to implement Real-Time Database Operation Monitoring
  • Describe the characteristics of the new Schema Change Plans feature
  • Describe how the Data Comparison feature can be used
  • Use RMAN, Real-Time Database Operation Monitoring, and Schema and Change management in a given scenarios

Oracle Database 12c: Tuning SQL and Using ADDM (Update Avail.)

  • Describe the features of Adaptive SQL Plan management
  • Match the adaptive execution plans to descriptions of how they can be used
  • Identify how to use the statistics gathering performance enhancements
  • Distinguish between monitoring techniques in Oracle Database 12c
  • Identify how to use Compare Period ADDM
  • Tune and monitor an Oracle 12c environment in a given scenario

Oracle Database 12c: Resource Manager and ADR (Update Avail.)

  • Describe how to use Resource Manager in a CDB environment
  • Identify the characteristics of the multiprocess multithreaded architecture
  • Describe how the temporary undo feature can be used
  • Recognize how the new and enhanced features for tables, indexes, and online operations are used
  • Describe the new ADR and network enhancements in Oracle Database 12c
  • Use the new and enhanced performance and network features of Oracle Database 12c

Oracle Database 12c: Transporting Databases and Managing Data (Update Avail.)

  • Sequence the steps to complete a full transport of a database using Oracle Data Pump Full Transportable
  • Describe how the new Data Pump features in Oracle Database 12c is used
  • Identify how to use the new SQL*Loader features in Oracle Database 12c
  • Manage partitions in a given scenario in Oracle Database 12c
  • Recognize how to create and maintain partial local and global indexes for partitioned tables
  • Recognize how to configure extended datatypes in Oracle Database 12c
  • Use the row-limiting clause in a given scenario
  • Use the new and enhanced features of Data Pump, Partitioning, and SQL in a given scenario

Who Should Attend


Database administrators, support engineers, security administrators, data warehouse administrators, sales consultants, technical consultants, and system analysts.

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