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LINQ in the C# Programming Language

Learn to use language-integrated queries (LINQ) for working with data in your applications.

GK# 5235

Course Overview


In this course, you will learn about C#’s language-integrated queries (LINQ). LINQ simplifies the code needed to query, reshape, and aggregate data. Instead of writing complex, nested loops to implement procedures for working with data, LINQ enables a more functional, declarative style. LINQ queries more closely resemble SQL than a procedural language like C. This course introduces you to both LINQ to Objects and LINQ to XML.


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What You'll Learn

  • Query, reshape, and aggregate collections of in-memory data
  • Query, reshape, and aggregate data from an XML document


Viewing outline for:

GK Digital Learning Outline

  1. Write an Iterator Method to Expose a Large Data Set
  2. Filter and Order Data Using LINQ to Objects
  3. Aggregate, Group, and Join Data Using LINQ to Objects
  4. Read and Query and XML File Using LINQ to XML
  5. Create and XML Document Using LINQ to XML



Familiarity with the .NET type system, including object-orientation, interfaces, and generics

Who Should Attend


C# developers interested in using Language Integrated Queries (LINQ) in their code

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GK Digital Learning

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Duration: 8 hours

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