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Introduction to Cybersecurity

Exclusive – Discover the importance of cybersecurity in information technology.

GK# 4277

Course Overview


In this course, you will discover the importance of cybersecurity in information technology. The objective is to understand cyber-attacks and the techniques used to take control of an unsecure system. This course also presents the defensive measures security teams can take to prevent attacks, and provides an overview of the malicious software types used in computer networks.

I took "Introduction to Cybersecurity" to update my basic knowledge of cybersecurity. I took a mini course years ago when cybersecurity wasn’t as big a deal. This course made me realize how critical it is to an organization. The lab environment was put together really well. Each section has questions that really encourage you to try it for yourself first and then confirm your solution. Also, the script and step by step guide were on point. I’ve even shown my coworkers a few tips I learned in the course.

Osly S. -
Support Engineer


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What You'll Learn

  • Definition of security
  • The CIA triad
  • Security terminology
  • Risks
  • Security vs. usability


Viewing outline for:

GK Digital Learning Outline

  1. Network Components
  2. Resource Discovery and Tools
  3. Attack Vectors
  4. Port Scanning
  5. Vulnerabilities
  6. Ports and Vulnerability Scanners
  7. Privilege Escalation
  8. Malware Types
  9. Protection Mechanisms and Countermeasures

This was the best training on this material I have ever seen. Very easy to understand and loved the interactive exercises.

Trent B. -
Emerging Technologies Rep.


  • Basic understanding of networking terminology and applications, intranet and internet services, protocols, ports, as well as networking and security devices
  • Basic knowledge in installation of security software, such as antivirus or firewalls, and general understanding of operating systems functionalities (Windows and Linux)

Who Should Attend

  • IT professionals who are interested in learning the main principles of cybersecurity and computer-based attacks
  • Team leaders and managers interested in understanding the terminology and possibilities in cybersecurity
  • System administrators requested to integrate security components in their networks
  • Individuals that would like to get a better understanding of cybersecurity fundamentals acquired previously
  • Consultants looking for solutions in security assessments for organizations

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GK Digital Learning

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Duration: 6 hours

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