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Developing Mobile Web Applications with Dojo Mobile

IBM Course Code: ZD325G

GK# 720031 Vendor# ZD325G

Course Overview


This course teaches you how to build Mobile Web applications with Dojo.

The Dojo framework provides a library of JavaScript functions that are useful for developing both desktop and Mobile Web applications.

In this course, you learn how the Dojo framework fits into the Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (Ajax) programming model for developing client-side, browser-based web applications. You explore the benefits of the Dojo framework for mobile development, such as a library of pre-assembled visual mobile widgets and methods to connect these widgets to functions and services. You also use IBM WebSphere Application Server Liberty Profile Developer Tools for Eclipse V8.5.1 to develop and run Dojo web and Mobile Web applications.

The lab environment for this course loads a VMware image with a Windows XP operating system. The VMWare image runs on a remote ESX server, and is accessed from a browser session on the student workstation that is connected to the remote ESX server. Instructions on how to configure the network connection and access the remote server are provided when you register for the class.

What You'll Learn

  • Describe what Ajax is
  • Describe JavaScript frameworks
  • Describe how JavaScript frameworks fit into the Ajax application model architecture
  • Describe the benefits of using the Dojo JavaScript framework
  • Use Dojo mobile form control widgets to build web pages that accept input data
  • Create mobile views and lists
  • Describe how to move between views in a Mobile Web application
  • Describe how to use Dojo events
  • Describe the general-purpose event handler dojo/on
  • Describe how to use Dojo query
  • Describe how to call server functions from Dojo
  • Describe the dojo/request feature
  • Describe the process for handling asynchronous requests with callbacks
  • Develop and test Dojo-based Mobile Web applications


Viewing outline for:

Self-Paced Outline

  • Course introduction
  • Introduction to Ajax and JavaScript frameworks
  • Getting started with the Dojo toolkit
  • Exercise: Developing an HTML5 Mobile Web page that uses Dojo mobile form controls
  • Developing Mobile Web applications with Dojo
  • Exercise: Creating a mobile user interface for the index page of a web application
  • Ajax calls to services with Dojo
  • Exercise: Developing a Dojo mobile page that gets server-side data with the dojo/request API
  • Course summary

Who Should Attend


This basic course is designed for web developers who create web applications for mobile devices.

Course Delivery

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