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From Doing to Leading - Leading with Impact

Designed for new managers transitioning from an independent contributor to a people leader to better understand their new accountabilities and skills required for success.

GK# 8624

Course Overview


Making the transition from an individual contributor to a people leader is both a challenge and an opportunity. As a people leader, you must transition from doing the work yourself to getting the work done with and through others. It requires a shift of mindset to take on new accountabilities that support your direct reports and the organization as a whole.

In this course, you will explore these new accountabilities and learn new skills and processes that help you balance priorities, overcome roadblocks, earn respect, and establish credibility.

Benefits for the Individual

  • Enhanced knowledge of critical leadership accountabilities
  • Increased awareness of opportunities for personal development of leadership capabilities
  • Improved ability to prioritize your activities as a people leader and manage your workload
  • Greater clarity on the impact of earning respect and establishing credibility as a leader
  • Increased confidence to manage people

Benefits for the Organization

  • Improved leadership capability
  • Greater clarity and common understanding of key leadership accountabilities
  • Enhanced engagement of leaders in their roles


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What You'll Learn

  • Accountabilities of your people leadership role
  • Opportunities for development in your leadership role
  • Plan your time allocation to reflect your accountabilities
  • Utilize a system to set priorities for yourself and your direct reports
  • Develop your credibility as a people leader in your organization


Viewing outline for:

Classroom Live Outline

1. Pat's Story

  • Short scenario about a leader who is struggling with the work they must get done

2. Shifting Your Mindset

  • How to see your role and accountabilities as a people leader

3. People Leader Accountabilities

  • Difference between responsibilities and accountabilities
  • People Leader Accountabilities

4. Identifying My Opportunities for Development

  • Building on the People Leader Accountabilities to create an Opportunities for Development plan

5. Allocating Your Time as a People Leader

  • Priority Quadrant - a tool to help determine high and low priority tasks
  • Tasks that could/should be delegated vs. those that should be completed by the leader

6. Judgment

  • Exploring the concept of judgment
  • Determining when and by whom work will get done

7. Keeping a Daily Priority List

  • Guidelines for creating a daily priority list

8. Overcoming Roadblocks

  • Roadblocks that might prevent you from getting things done

9. Earning Respect and Establishing Credibility

  • A key factor to successful leadership is getting people to follow willingly



Prework for this course should be completed one week in advance and brought to class.

Who Should Attend


Leaders at all levels: new managers, supervisors, team leaders, project managers, or seasoned managers wishing to enhance their current skill set

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Course Delivery

This course is available in the following formats:

Classroom Live

Receive face-to-face instruction at one of our training center locations.

Duration: 1 day

Virtual Classroom Live

Experience expert-led online training from the convenience of your home, office or anywhere with an internet connection.

Duration: 1 day

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