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Avaya Communication Server 1000E Release 7.x Implementation and Upgrade

Learn to install or migrate to CS 1000 Release 7.x and become familiar with the functions of the Avaya System Manager.

GK# 0740 Vendor# 6376

Course Overview


In this course, you will learn to implement and upgrade the Avaya Communication Server 1000E (CS 1000E) system. You will learn about the hardware and software components of the CS 1000E and to install and verify the correct installation of the hardware and software. You will also learn the process to upgrade to a CS 1000E Release 7.0 system. The CS 1000 portfolio includes full featured, server-based IP PBXs that can be fully distributed over the IP LAN and WAN infrastructures of enterprise environments.


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What You'll Learn

  • System platform requirements
  • System hardware and software components
  • Plan CS 1000E system installation and a system upgrade to CS 1000E Release 7.5
  • Install hardware components on a CS 1000E High Availability (HA) system with CP PM Call Servers and CP DC Signaling server
  • Install and configure CP PM Call Server software (VxWorks)
  • Install Linux Base OS
  • Install and configure applications using UCM/System Manager Deployment Services
  • Configure the Signaling Server Gateway
  • Install and configure the Media Gateway Controller (MGC)
  • Upgrade an Option 11C 5.x system to a CS 1000E 7.5 CPMG/128 Co-Resident system



Prerequisite Skills:

  • Familiarity with the functions of System Manager
  • Voice over IP essential knowledge, including the major components of VoIP, signaling standards and protocols, switching technologies, voice quality, and codecs
  • Standard documentation usage to locate the meaning of alarms and messages
  • CS 1000 system and software architecture, user interfaces, and system management methodology
  • Log in procedures and ability to communicate with the CS 1000 system using the Command Line Interface (CLI) or Element Manager
  • Programming and maintenance procedures for system, customer, and individual telephone databases for a CS 1000 system
  • Programming experience on routes and trunks using Element Manager or the CLI, and ability to print the appropriate reports to verify the programming
  • Add, move, change, or delete telephones or consoles experience and ability to print the appropriate reports to verify the programming
  • Knowledge of validating the configuration and installation of an IP Line node and system
  • Experience installing and configuring IP Phones
  • Ability to perform system backup
  • Ability to navigate Unified Communications Management Common Services, Deployment Manager, CS 1000 Element Manager, Network Routing Service Manager, and Subscriber Manager
  • Ability to identify troubleshooting tools, applications, and management functions available with the CS 1000 system

Who Should Attend


Technicians and individuals responsible for installing and upgrading the Avaya Communication Server 1000E system

Course Delivery
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