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Transitioning from working as a tradesperson to an office or desk position can be intimidating…

That's why we deliver new and innovative ways to meet the needs of injured workers and others seeking to gain key fundamental computer skills. The CLICK (Complete Learning in Computer Knowledge) Program was developed to help empower individuals who have been injured on the job and need to move into a different job role due to these injuries. The CLICK Program helps facilitate that transition, easing a worker not only into the computer world but the office atmosphere as well. Global Knowledge helps individuals fill the skills gaps they have and give them the confidence to be productive in the workforce.


Global Knowledge offers several exceptional courses to enhance an individual’s ability to achieve goals, enable re-entry into the workforce sooner, and build confidence in computer skills. Classes run on a regularly-scheduled, continuous-intake basis. For those with special needs, several of the courses can be customized for one-on-one training or with the assistance of Voice Recognition Technology.

Students will receive a course completion certificate at the end of any CLICK course they attend. Assessments are provided to WCB Case Workers indicating how the student performed and what areas need to be worked on further.

We offer a wide variety of short-term programs to help transition individuals into the workplace, including the following:

  • CLICK Keyboarding
    This five-day Keyboarding course is specifically designed for individuals who require the skillset to use a keyboard efficiently and effectively. This Keyboarding class is an option for either two-handed or one-handed keyboarding.
  • CLICK Voice Recognition Technology (VRT)
    This VRT course is five days and is intended for individuals who are unable to use a computer keyboard. It uses a Speech Recognition program that controls the computer by voice commands.
  • CLICK MS Office 2016 Level 1 
    This is a ten-day course that introduces a new computer user to the basic tools and features of Windows 10 and Microsoft Office 2016 programs such as Outlook, Word, and Excel. By the end of the course, the individual will have the knowledge, skills, and confidence on a foundational level with these environments.
  • CLICK MS Office 2016 Level 2 
    The ten-day Level 2 course is intended for individuals who want to learn more advanced tools and features of Windows 10 and Microsoft Office 2016 programs such as Word, Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint. This is a follow-up course for the CLICK MS Office 2016 Level 1 course.
  • CLICK MS Office 2016 Level 3 Practicum 
    This ten-day Practicum course is an assignment based course that focuses on applying the skill sets learned within the CLICK MS Office 2016 Level 1 and Level 2 courses. Students work through practical assignments such as Resume and Cover Letter writing in Word, using Microsoft Edge to do Job Searches, creating budgets in Excel and creating presentations in PowerPoint.
  • CLICK Customer Service Training 
    This two-day course provides students with the concepts and skills to achieve higher levels of customer service, satisfaction, and loyalty.
  • Global Knowledge also has several additional courses that are available through the Global Knowledge public class schedule. These courses would be considered follow-up courses to the CLICK Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 courses above:
      • Microsoft Word 2016 Level 3 (#7175)
      • Microsoft Excel 2010, 2013, 2016 Level 2 (#7125)
      • Microsoft Excel 2016 Level 3 Advanced (# 6745)
      • Microsoft Excel 2016 Data List Management (#7005)
      • Power Pivot and Power Query for Microsoft Excel 2016 (# 6939)
      • Power BI Fundamentals for End Users (#6998)
      • Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 Level 2/3 (# 6678)
      • Microsoft Access 2016 Level 1 (#6654)
      • Microsoft Access 2016 Level 2/3 (#6653)
      • Microsoft Project 2016 - Level 1 / Intro (#6685)
      • Microsoft Project 2016 - Level 2 & 3 / Advanced (#6684)
      • Microsoft OneNote 2016 – Complete (#6667)
      • SharePoint 2016 Site Members (#6869)
      • SharePoint 2016 for Site Owners (#6870)
      • Microsoft Visio 2016 Level 1 (#7010)
      • Microsoft Visio 2016 Level 2 (#7009)

The Global Knowledge Difference

Our CLICK instructors have been working with the Alberta Workers Compensation Board for over ten years delivering industry-leading content. These subject matter experts have the experience that enables students to explore truly effective learning paths. To learn more, click here.

Individuals also receive access to MyGK, our online learning services platform that is a digital locker for accessing the extensive course content and materials, resources and tools for easy future reference. Students attending a CLICK class will have everything they need to start their new careers.

Whether a student is in a group or in a one-on-one class, all of our GK instructors focus on the distinct needs of each student. Each WCB Client has their own needs and the program accommodates for their learning style, future direction and present health condition. We do not teach from a package…we teach the individual.

I would like to thank you and your team at Global Knowledge Calgary for an incredible learning experience. Your instructors have a level of knowledge that they passed on to me with ease. The learning process was a joy with the information provided and methods used kept me engaged. Your CLICK Level 1 Program has provided me with the confidence to transition from working in a field position to working in an office environment. The knowledge of computers and programs provided has given me a solid foundation to build a second career on.

Brian Marriam -
Calgary, AB

Having way too much fun with these courses! Ross is a great teacher and I could not be happier. It is more than I expected. Looking so forward to the next 2 weeks for the next level! Have a great weekend and see you all again soon!

Fred Williams -
Calgary, AB

I would like to thank you for your instruction in this course. I felt that I learned a lot and am more comfortable using the programs covered in this course. It's very comforting to know that there are "easier ways" to accomplish required tasks. Thanks again.

Dawn Sittler -
Edmonton, AB

Thank you Global Knowledge for providing me with a great teacher, school, and a nice environment for learning! I have enjoyed my time here and learned a lot - thank you. Everyone here is very nice and the teachers are very good – no, they are excellent! I hope I'm back for level three!

AJ (John) Toms -
Edmonton, AB

My course and training are going excellent. I feel happy and very much Motivated to have lots positive encouragement and support from the GK crews for their patience and commitment to helping me inspite of my disabilities and extreme pain on my right hand/wrist as a positive result: I never once Blinked during my courses due motivation and support gained trusts from GK crew!

Prosper Maniema CLICK VRT Level 1 through Level 2 -
Edmonton, AB


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