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ITPE and Global Knowledge invite you to a transatlantic Tech Talk on Ethics and Artificial Intelligence

April 09, 2020

IT Professionalism Europe (ITPE) and Global Knowledge are jointly hosting an online public “Tech Talk” on Ethics and Artificial Intelligence on April 21, 2020. Two leading experts in the field, Dr. Anna Jobin of the Health Ethics & Policy Lab at ETH Zurich, and Dr. Lorien Pratt, Chief Scientist and co-founder of Quantellia in Silicon Valley, will be sharing their insights. The talk will include ethical dimensions to artificial intelligence (AI) and why ethics are fundamental to AI research and implementation. They will also explore ethical requirements, standards, and best practices that underpin the future of AI.


The Tech Talk will be delivered on the same platform as Global Knowledge’s industry-leading virtual classrooms, where interactions and questions are encouraged.


Austėja Trinkūnaitė, Secretary-General, ITPE, said, “We are excited to co-host this webinar with Global Knowledge featuring two of the world’s leading experts in ethics and AI. It will be a unique opportunity to explore all aspects, including the practical dimensions, that IT professionals must understand as they develop this powerful new technology.”


Todd Johnstone, CEO, Global Knowledge, said, “AI is a technology that is having a growing impact on many aspects of our lives and work, and an area in which Global Knowledge is seeing increasing skills training demand. I am pleased that we have been able to partner with ITPE, and two industry thought leaders, to explore this fascinating and rapidly developing technology.”


Dr. Anna Jobin is a researcher at the Health Ethics & Policy Lab, Department of Health Sciences and Technology, at ETH Zurich. She has a multidisciplinary background in sociology, economics, and information management. Her current research projects are situated at the intersection of science, technology, and society, with a particular focus on interaction with algorithmic systems, the social dimensions of artificial intelligence, and AI ethics.


Prior to joining ETH, Dr. Jobin was a Visiting Scholar at Cornell and Tufts University. Her research and expertise have been featured in popular and specialized media alike, notably the Neue Zurcher Zeitung, the Swiss National Radio, Singularity Hub, MIT Technology Review, and Nature Machine Intelligence.


Dr. Jobin is the author of many influential papers, including her latest study on AI ethics guidelines, “The global landscape of AI ethics guidelines” (published in Nature Machine Intelligence).


Dr. Lorien Pratt is a machine learning pioneer who has delivered applied machine learning and decision intelligence solutions since 1988. She is the author of the PROSE award-nominated book, “Link: How Decision Intelligence Connects Data, Actions, and Outcomes for a Better World.” Dr. Pratt is taking AI ethics to the next level—not only minimizing harm but maximizing the good from AI. Dr. Pratt led the teams that invented Transfer Learning and Decision Intelligence (DI) and is recognized as a leading innovator by the Women Inventors and Innovator’s Project. She is the Chief Scientist and co-founder of Quantellia, the world’s leading provider of Decision Intelligence software and services and co-sponsors of the Responsible AI/DI Summit.


Dr. Pratt has three decades of experience delivering applied AI, Machine Learning, and Natural Language Processing solutions with a success rate over seven times the industry average. Her clients include the Human Genome Project, SAP, the Colorado Bureau of Investigation, the U.S. Department of Energy, the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts, and dozens more.


Dr. Pratt has appeared multiple times on NPR, has given two TEDx talks, and is a respected keynote speaker worldwide. She is the author of “How Decision Intelligence Connects Data, Actions, and Outcomes for a Better World” and dozens of academic papers, has served on NIPS and NSF program committees, was guest editor for the journals “Machine Learning” and “Connection Science,” wrote a chapter in “The People Centered Economy,” and co-edited the book “Learning to Learn” with Sebastian Thrun. She blogs at


The Ethics and Artificial Intelligence Tech Talk is on April 21, 2020. 11:00 AM in EST (U.S./Canada); 16:00 GMT; 17:00 CET.


More information:
Dr. Anna Jobin’s profile:
Dr. Lorien Pratt’s CV:

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