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Website Planet Interviewed Global Knowledge About its Industry-disrupting All Access IT Skills Subscription

April 29, 2019

Website Planet spoke with Global Knowledge about its industry-disrupting All Access IT Skills Subscription, cybersecurity, the breadth and depth of IT training it offers, certifications, top courses and the future of IT.


A couple excerpts:

"We launched our All-Access IT Skills Subscription, an unlimited classroom, online and on-demand training offered. It focuses on a lot of areas including cybersecurity because there isn’t just one course that accurately trains you for all the issues; the library includes hundreds of our best courses (not just cybersecurity). It’s going to be a series of courses; it’s going to be a certification, a learning path. Those are the things that will really establish rock-star type experts within their organization. It’s not just one course that’s going to be the catalyst for success; so we surround you with access to hundreds of relevant courses."

"Working with customers, we try to find out what their vision is and what best practices we can bring to them. If you’re trying to get from point A to point B, what skills do you need to develop in order to get to point B? We’ll help you build a skills playbook by outlining the skills you need, the courses to take in order to get those skills, and the rationale behind why you would take those courses."


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