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Don’t let skills gaps disrupt your team or organization. We have tech quizzes and self assessments that can help you identify areas of weakness and recommend a relevant training course based on your skill level. Quizzes are available by specific topic or technology provider.

AWS quiz icon

Are You an AWS Ninja?

Take a short quiz to learn if you’re an AWS ninja or if you need to build your AWS skills.

Test your AWS skills

DevOps Quiz

Are you a DevOps guru? Test your knowledge and find out which course is recommended based on your skillset.

Test your DevOps skills

Google Cloud Platform Quiz

See how your Google Cloud architecture skills stack up and learn which GCP course is right for you.

Test your GCP skills

Microsoft Azure Quiz

How well do you really know Azure? Take our quiz to see how you stack up and receive training recommendations based on your knowledge.

Test your Microsoft Azure skills

Microsoft Office Self Assessments

Assess your Microsoft Office abilities and find out the most appropriate next step in your skills journey.

Test your Microsoft Office skills

Red Hat Quizzes

Select from 16 different assessments ranging from Automaton with Ansible and Ansible Tower to System Administration for RHEL.

Test your Red Hat skills