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Deploying Containerized Applications Technical Overview (DO080)

Course Description:

Deploying Containerized Applications Technical Overview (DO080) is a series of on-demand, online videos that introduces you to deploying applications in containers using Docker, Kubernetes, and OpenShift Enterprise by Red Hat®.

What You'll Learn in Class:

  • Introduction to Docker containers
  • Orchestrating multi-container applications
  • Introduction to OpenShift Enterprise
  • Deploying applications on OpenShift

Who Needs to Attend:

  • System administrators
  • Application software developers
  • Individuals seeking a high-level understanding of Docker, Kubernetes, OpenShift, and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) capabilities

Follow-On Courses:

Managing Containers with Red Hat Enterprise Linux Atomic Host (RH270)
OpenShift Enterprise Administration (DO280)
OpenShift Enterprise Development (DO290)

Course Outline:

  1. Introduction to Containers
    Video 1: Deploying containerized applications technical overview (course introduction)
    Video 2: Docker overview
    Video 3: Image management
    Video 4: Container manipulation
    Video 5: Persistent storage
  2. Multi-Container Applications
    Video 6: Coordination of multi-container applications
    Video 7: Container orchestration with Kubernetes
  3. Introduction to OpenShift Enterprise
    Video 8: OpenShift Enterprise features
  4. OpenShift Enterprise Web Console
    Video 9: OpenShift Enterprise web console
  5. Source-to-Image
    Video 10: Source-to-image
  6. OpenShift CLI Client
    Video 11: Introduction to OpenShift Enterprise CLI
  7. Clustering
    Video 12: Scaling an application


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