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The Concept Training Methodology

When you take a Microsoft Office class with Global Knowledge, your goal is to be more productive with the software tools on your desktop. That’s the goal of Concept Training. It focuses on your productivity needs, not to showcase features of the software.

How does Concept Training Work?

Concept Training employs a four-step learning process to develop your understanding of the knowledge and behavior to be learned and applied:

  • Knowledge — Ensure you understand what the feature / concept is, why and when to use it.
  • Relevance — Continually connect the feature to your needs, industry, and experience.
  • Coaching — Demonstrate how the concept works and walks you through a series of exercises that shows you how and when to apply the concept.
  • Experience — Let’s you try the concept yourself. It challenges you to achieve an outcome by employing the concept. This process of experimental learning allows you to build on your current professional skills and experience.

Curriculum Training versus Concept Training

  • Traditional curriculum-based training is taught from the context of the software. It focuses on teaching features; the points and clicks of using the software.
  • Concept Training is experiential, and is taught from your context; focusing on your job and how the software can make you more successful.

The main goal of every Concept Training course is to understand your expectations and needs. This is the focus for the instructor and the examples and exercises used reflect that focus.

Attend a Microsoft Office class and experience Concept Training for yourself. Leave the classroom confident that you have skills you can apply immediately to your job and be more productive.