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Understand Cisco ACI Technologies and Solutions

Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) is a comprehensive SDN architecture that reduces total cost of ownership, automates IT tasks, and accelerates data center application deployments. Using Cisco ACI, companies have been able to reduce application deployment times from weeks to minutes. It also improves IT alignment with business objectives and policy requirements by integrating physical and virtual environments under one policy model for networks, servers, storage, services, and security.

The following courses will help you gain a greater understanding of Cisco ACI technologies and solutions.

Introduction to Cisco ACI v4

In this course, you will practice developing essential skills for setting up a basic Cisco ACI Fabric. You will discover how data center components correspond to ACI Fabric components, and you will gain a deeper knowledge of the operation of an EPG, Bridge Domain, VRF, AEP, and many other features of ACI through the process of configuring a basic ACI Fabric. 

Troubleshooting the Cisco ACI Fabric v4

In this two day course you will use ACI troubleshooting tools, such as Visore, API Inspector, Troubleshooting Wizard, Faults/Events/Audit Logs and various show commands to identify problems that impact fabric-wide connectivity. You will use the APIC CLI and GUI to expose misconfigurations that trigger fault messages and practice applying GUI and CLI tools to various troubleshooting scenarios.

DCACIO - Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure Operations and Troubleshooting v1.0

The Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure Operations and Troubleshooting course shows you how to operate and troubleshoot a Cisco data center network infrastructure running Cisco ACI. Through expert instruction and hands-on practice, you will learn about operational tools, best practices and caveats for configuration management, performance tracking, and more. You will practice troubleshooting common issues on a live fabric. Based on lessons learned in over 100 production deployments, this course gives you the real-world knowledge and skills to boost operational efficiencies in your own deployment.