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Blended Live

Build your skills with the best of both worlds. Blended Live from Global Knowledge combines the expert direction of instructor-led training and the flexibility of on-demand learning and will enable you to close critical skills gaps more effectively while maintaining your day to day responsibilities.

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Blended Live

The flexibility of on-demand learning

Blended Live combines the structure of instructor-led training with the flexibility of on-demand learning. Learn at your pace while maintaining your day to day responsibilities.

Your time is valuable

Blended Live allows you to manage your time more efficiently and is adaptive to student schedules and responsibilities. Scheduled sessions maximize learner time and on-demand content can be completed on your schedule.

Blended Live is live

Access to an instructor is assured with weekly, live virtual sessions. Ask questions, receive direction, or interact, peer-to-peer, with other students.

Expert-guided learning

Scheduled, instructor-led sessions provide expert direction, connection, and mentoring. In addition, these sessions are designed to guide and motivate students to a greater mastery of the material.

A better way to learn

Blended Live is a happy medium between the flexibility of on-demand learning and the structure and interactivity of instructor-led training. It is a progressive learning method that mirrors the experience of recent graduates of higher education.

Challenge-based learning

Employing a framework of learning while solving problems, challenge-based learning focuses on mastery and achievement. Blended Live utilizes challenge-based learning methodologies to increase content retention and close skills gaps more effectively.

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