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Python Bundle

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The Python Developer Bundle is a 12-month subscription to all GK Digital Python developer courses. As new and updated courses become available, you'll automatically gain access to them for the duration of your subscription. Where, when, and how you study is up to you. These courses designed to help you learn specific Python development skills. All the courses are hands-on and supported by our Python instructors.

The On Demand course will provide you with  

  • Unlimited access to all GK Digital Python Developer courses for 12 months
  • Access to all course updates and additions during your subscription period
  • 24/7 access to the following tools: HD-quality streaming videos that adapt to your connection speed and device, Hands-on labs downloaded for local development, Instructor support via lab submission and Q&A in platform

For multi-user packages please contact you account manager.

The Below course are currently part of the bundle:

  • GK5165, Getting Started with Python
  • GK5193, Getting Started with SQLAlchemy
  • GK5197, Building a Command-Line Interface (CLI) with Argparse
  • GK5195, Working with JSON data from Python
  • GK5210, Workign with Remote Directories Using OS and Paramiko
  • GK5196, Python Apps with SQLite
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