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GK Polaris Terms and Conditions

  • The GK Polaris Subscription gives you unlimited access to the Microsoft Virtual Classroom training courses for 12 months from initial order
  • The GK Polaris subscription is limited to one person (one named individual) and is not transferable
  • Proof of identity will be required before the training course starts
  • Bookings will be made in the usual manner, online or via your account manager and are subject to availability
  • Only one course can be booked at any given time and courses must be attended before the next course is booked
  • GK Polaris subscribers may not attend live courses that run concurrently
  • The GK Polaris subscription may not be combined with any other discounts, promotions or other special pricing agreements
  • Courses may be added to or removed from the GK Polaris subscription during the subscription period
  • GK Polaris purchase price is non-refundable
  • Failure to attend a course will be classed as a cancellation and you will be charged a cancellation fee of £395
  • All courses must be completed prior to the subscription end date
  • This agreement will automatically renew at the end of the 12 month period unless either party gives the other written notice of termination at least 30 days prior to the 12 month completion date.  

If the participant  

a) is an individual, he or she has the right to cancel the agreement within 7 working days of signing without prejudice. There is no right to cancel the agreement if the individual has attended a training course before the 7 working days have passed  

b) cancels a course within the GK Polaris subscription or asks for the course to be postponed, and Global Knowledge accepts this request, the client will have to pay the costs associated to the postponement of the course. The time to cancel the agreement as described in point a) does not apply here

Cancellation costs or costs for postponement Cancellation costs
Costs for postponement
More than three weeks before the start of the course or service
None None
Less than three weeks before the start of the course or service £395 + VAT £395 + VAT
The client has to request the cancellation or postponement in writing. The participant will receive a written confirmation by Global Knowledge when doing so. When the participant hands in the request via written mail, the date on the post stamp is conclusive. If the request is sent via e-mail, the date Global Knowledge receives the request is conclusive. Cancellations or requests via any other way than e-mail or written mail won’t be accepted. From the start date of the course on, the participant won’t be able to request postponement or cancellation. If this is the case, £395 + VAT is owed to Global Knowledge. 
Global Knowledge standard Terms and Conditions also apply to this programme.
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