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Skills Framework

Employing a skills framework means that organisations can specify what it is that they need people to do so that everyone shares the same definition.

The framework can then be used to understand what skills they have and what they need so that they can acquire good people, deploy them into the right roles, assess how well they are performing, assist them to develop their capability, and reward them for what they do.

Options include:

  • Create your own
  • Select an existing framework and use “off-the shelf”
  • Customise an existing framework


  • Conduct initial investigations into the skills and capabilities required for common roles
  • Create an initial set of skills and competency definitions from which a final “set” can be drawn
  • Obtain stakeholder input and review
  • Define capabilities required
  • Create and agree skills definitions for each required skill
  • Identify proficiency levels within the skills
  • Create complete skills profiles for each level within the organisation
  • Create baseline role profiles for each role
  • Define career steps


  • Skills/competency framework
  • Initial role profiles for each identified role
  • Desired “ideal” state of skills
  • Upward career paths

More information

For more information about the Skills Framework, please contact your local Global Knowledge Training Advisor.

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