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Virtual Classroom Live


Anywhere, anytime, almost any technology or business training topic, taught by expert instructors, the Global Knowledge Virtual Classroom Live learning experience is unlike anything you've seen before.

We've been working diligently for years to bring you an amazing and exciting virtual learning experience. Everything we do is designed to help further careers and help business teams succeed and grow.

Same in-Class Learning Experience

In the past, there have been so many barriers that made a virtual classroom feel inferior to a physical classroom. Overtime, we've overcome all these obstacles. Using the latest collaborative tools and new technologies, we offer an industry-leading learning experience that allows students to be as engaged as in a traditional classroom. 

Our Virtual Classroom Live solutions provide the same in-class experience as a standard instructor-led classroom course with the same clear structure and engagement with fellow participants. Global Knowledge offers a learning experience that offers the benefits of traditional classroom learning, while participants are simultaneously benefiting from the innovations and flexibility of the new learning solutions.

Flexible Learning Experience

You can participate at work, home and while traveling, with sessions scheduled in multiple time zones and with live customer support available around the clock. You'll always be able to keep your training on track by benefiting from real-time hands-on labs, authorised vendor curriculum and interaction with students and one of our 1500 leading instructors with real passion and real-world experience. We support multiple platforms, so you can train on almost any computer, tablet or phone, anywhere, anytime.
Global Knowledge's Virtual Classroom Live solutions provide an exciting new opportunity for attending courses where time, geographical location, cost of travel and accommodation, or lack of 'quality alternatives' are prohibitive factors to people having access to effective training.

Enjoyable Learning Experience

Our sophisticated Virtual Classroom Live solutions are designed, not to just help you learn, but to help you enjoy the process. We're constantly adding class options to our extensive library of classes (3,500+ training courses), so you can get all your training from one source.

Through their Virtual Classroom Live solutions, Global Knowledge is able to offer a more robust and varied public training schedule, which eliminates the chances of cancellations and rescheduling. We cover an incredibly large number of technology-, process- and business skills topics with thousands of titles. Whether you want training on technology or business skills, we've got you covered!

With the various Virtual Classroom Live learning concepts that Global Knowledge offers, we combine the advantages of traditional learning with the flexibility and innovation of today, but remain focused on the same guaranteed end result: with the acquired knowledge and skills you will be better able to carry out your job and you are perfectly prepared for your certification exam!

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Some of the benefits of Global Knowledge's Virtual Learning solutions:


  • Interactive Group Activities
  • Intimate Class Setting
  • Digital File Sharing


  • Instructor Q&A
  • Public and Private Chat
  • Indexed Session Recordings for qualifying courses


  • Choose Your Location
  • Choose Your Time zone
  • Select Your Device
  • Customer Support

Cost Effective and Green Learning Experience

Global Knowledge delivers with their Virtual Classroom Live solutions a flexible and cost-effective learning choice without compromising on quality, unlike a lot of other low-quality virtual solutions on the market, providing poor experiences with limited engagement.
Our virtual learning concepts support easing the pressure on rising travel budgets and ancillary expenses, while you reduce at the same time your environmental impact.

Furthermore, the Global Knowledge Virtual Learning Solutions could increase utilisation of your existing Cisco TelePresence investment and at the same time cut your training budget significantly.

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