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WHITE PAPER: The role of VMware NSX in Virtual Cloud Networking

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  • Date: 30 November, 2021


In this new era where hybrid working and large-scale cloud adoption is the norm, the race towards new application architectures is on. Work environments are no longer single campuses or semi-isolated branch locations but include any space in which employees have a reliable internet connection. More often than not, formerly on-premises data parks and server rooms are extending into multi-cloud and edge computing environments.

This new IT reality introduces a whole new level of complexity; an often troublesome reality for traditional networks not designed to deal with these modern challenges. The solution? virtual cloud networking. A virtual cloud network (VCN) is a system that links devices, virtual machines, servers, and data centres using wireless technology and software. Virtual cloud networking allows organisations to rapidly expand networks as they see fit.

VMware NSX Data Center is one of the best and most popular VCN platforms in the current IT landscape. In this paper, we will take a closer look at NSX and explain why your organisation needs it to take enterprise networking to the next level.

VMware NSX and the promise of virtual cloud networking

A traditional network manages data over physical routers and switches. The router gets a signal and subsequently passes this on to the device and system. Switches are responsible for sending the data to different areas of the network. The main weakness in this type of setup is the heavy reliance on physical connections.

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