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How healthcare benefits from cloud-delivered security

Global Knowledge
  • Date: 24 January, 2019


The day in the life of a healthcare IT professional can be a whirlwind of activity — some of it built around exciting opportunities, but seemingly much more of it centered on conflict resolution and problem solving.

When you’re not dealing with escalating security threats, tight budgets and inadequate in-house security expertise, you’re trying to make doctors, nurses, researchers and administrators happy with support for more devices, applications and services. Managing and securing a dizzying array of endpoints — from traditional desktops and notebooks to personal mobile devices and even Internet of Things (IoT)-based equipment such as smart medical devices — is itself enough to make an IT executive’s head spin.

Risk management, in particular, is a huge issue for healthcare IT. And that all starts with dealing with malware, ransomware and other threats that impact regulatory compliance, legal exposure, corporate governance and the very essence of the healthcare mission — improved patient outcomes.

How in the world can you keep up with the expanding security threat landscape, let alone get ahead of the game?

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