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10 Reasons You Should Consider a Career in Cybersecurity

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  • Date: 09 September, 2016


If you are in any way interested in computers, security, the Internet, smartphones, or how businesses operate in the modern world, you are already a prime candidate for a cybersecurity career. It can be a promising and rewarding opportunity, no matter what your general area of experience, interest, or expertise. Shifting gears to focus on cybersecurity is not as much of a transition as you might think. Plus, the cybersecurity field is broad, deep, and always changing. Not to mention it’s an area where there are always too many jobs and two few candidates. Not convinced yet? Review this white paper for a few more good reasons to consider a cybersecurity career.


Security Professionals Can Focus on Design As Well As Implementation and Management

A career in cybersecurity is not only about pulling cables, configuring routers, and dealing with failures. Many choices for specialization are available for someone in IT security. One of the most overlooked or forgotten-about areas of cybersecurity is design. Cybersecurity design is also not a single-focused concept either. Cybersecurity design includes new concepts of security mechanisms, creating of new filtering schemes, crafting new security rules, architecting the logic of access control, configuring the back-end logic, setting up the APIs, crafting the source code, designing the user interface, and more.

Security should not focus exclusively on the ugly details of what to allow and what to deny. It should also consider how the security affects business tasks, work flow, and usability. If an end-user is frustrated by an interface, is unclear about what a function does, or is confused about the purpose of a security mechanism, then security has failed. An end-user needs to be considered when designing and implementing security. Security needs to be understood, accepted, and complied with in order for it to be successful. The success of security starts with good design and planning.

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