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73% of IT professionals report high job satisfaction with their chosen career. However, roughly half seek opportunities with different employers, particularly to earn and learn more.

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Neearly 40% of professionals feel extremely good about their job security, which has likely been reinforced by high competition for talent and an insatiable need for skilled technologists.

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IT professionals report high quality outcomes, faster resolution times, an sharper focus at work after earning a certification. 34% of IT leaders say these professionals add $25,000 or more in value to the organization.

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Cloud computing, cybersecurity, AI and machine learning top the list of investment areas for IT leaders in the next year. 55% of leaders say they plan to train their existing staff to help close skill gaps.

IT leaders report skills gaps are on the decline this year.

Undoubtedly, this is good news but those who still face these gaps battle with elevated team stress, longer resolution times, and more.

The lion’s share of leaders say skills gaps pose a medium to high security risk.

Without security skills, awareness, and effective preparation, organizations leave more room for threats or bad actors to try their defenses.

Nearly two-thirds of IT leaders had three or more roles open on their teams.

Talent recruitment and retention topped the list of major workplace challenges in this year’s report as organizations struggle with a tight labor market.

The top investment area for leaders in the next year? Cloud.

However, it’s also the area that’s toughest for them to hire for as professionals with these skills are in high demand for all with their sights set on efficiency and scale.

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