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Contact Center Enterprise Advanced Administration and Reporting

  • Course Code CCEAAR
  • Duration 5 days
  • Version 1.0

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Course Overview


This class combines the Administering Advanced Cisco Contact Center Enterprise (CCEAA) course and the Reporting Cisco Conatct Center Enterprise (CCER) course into one 5 day delivery. Learn how to execute advanced administration tasks associated with the Cisco Contact Center Enterprise (CCE) solution through an in-depth examination of technical and operational requirements, and of the tools used to configure and ensure CCE solution functionality.

Gain an understanding of the end-to-end reporting solutions of CCE, designed to assist customers and partners in the task of creating reports and managing disparate data sources. You will be able to recognise the nuances of analyzing and troubleshooting in various deployment scenarios, consolidate disparate data into manageable, comprehensive reports and be able to explain the business application of the CCE solution and how it provides a framework of correlation between core and optional components.

These courses can also be attended seperately, however attending the course as a combined delivery will provide a saving!!!

These courses are aligned to version 12.5 of the Cisco CCE Product.  


Course Schedule

    • Delivery Format: Virtual Learning
    • Date: 24-28 April, 2023
    • Location: Virtual


    • Delivery Format: Virtual Learning
    • Date: 15-19 May, 2023
    • Location: Virtual


    • Delivery Format: Virtual Learning
    • Date: 12-16 June, 2023
    • Location: Virtual


    • Delivery Format: Virtual Learning
    • Date: 24-28 July, 2023
    • Location: Virtual


    • Delivery Format: Virtual Learning
    • Date: 31 July-04 August, 2023
    • Location: Virtual


    • Delivery Format: Virtual Learning
    • Date: 25-29 September, 2023
    • Location: Virtual


Target Audience


Deployment Engineers and administrators involved in the implementation and operation of a Cisco Contact Center Enterprise (CCE) Solution.

Course Objectives


After completing this course you should be able to:

  • Describe the components, protocols and call flow of Cisco Packaged Contact Center Enterprise (PCCE) by referencing the discovery platform to prepare for further scripting and configuration activities.
  • Run the CCE Bulk Import utility using the CCE Web Administration tool to develop a base line CCE configuration.
  • Configure an advanced VoiceXML (VXML) application implementing DB lookup functionality and digit collection using Call Studio and CCE Scripting tools; present call data collected from the caller to the Agent desktop.
  • Provision CCE to support Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM) calls to the Contact Center using CUCM and CCE configuration tools. This functionality enables CCE Route Requests from CUCM to support contacts initiated from a CUCM managed device (Gateways, Phones, Line Side Interactive Voice Response [IVR] Ports). This functionality can also enable non-Contact Center calls and calls handled by Agents, whether existing or new.
  • Access and deploy custom gadgets to the Finesse desktop using the CCE Web Administration tool to further enhance functionality of the Finesse Agent Desktop.
  • Successfully deploy Mobile Agent in a CCE Environment.
  • Successfully deploy Post Call Survey in a CCE Environment.
  • Explain the Cisco Unified Intelligence Center including the benefits and features of the system and describe the high-level architecture of Cisco Unified Intelligence Center in the UCCE environment.
  • Understand the Cisco Unified Intelligence Center administration console to perform Cisco Unified Intelligence Center administrative, maintenance and provisioning functions.
  • Discuss the functional attributes of the Cisco Unified Intelligence Center.
  • Customize Cisco Unified Intelligence Center Reports and Views.

Course Content


Administering Advanced Cisco Contact Center Enterprise

PCCE Review

  • Review PCCE Architecture and Components
  • Review PCCE Protocols

Introducing Bulk Import Tools

  • Use the PCCE Bulk Import Tool
  • Use Bulk Import Templates

Configuring Advanced Scripting and CCE Data Exchange

  • Design for Advanced Scripting
  • CCE Data Exchange

Cisco Unified Communications Manager Initiated Call Flows

  • Understand Transfer Types and Cisco Unified Custom Voice Portal (CVP) Call Flow Models
  • Describe Subsequent Transfers

Using Gadgets to Customize the Finesse Desktop

  • Obtain Finesse Custom Gadgets
  • Deploy Finesse Custom Gadgets

Implementing Mobile Agent

  • Examine Mobile Agent Functionality
  • Identify Mobile Agent Architecture and Components

Implementing Post Call Survey

  • Examine Post Call Survey Functionality
  • Configure Post Call Survey


  • Review Discovery
  • Navigate CCE Discovery Architecture and Components
  • Import Bulk Data
  • Create a VXML Application Using Call Studio
  • Configure Precision Queues
  • Create a CCE Routing Script
  • Customize the Finesse Desktop
  • Test Your Call Flow
  • Configure Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM) as Routing Client and Agent Transfers
  • Deploy Cisco Finesse Gadgets
  • Implement Mobile Agent

Reporting Cisco Conatct Center Enterprise

Cisco Unified Intelligence Center Foundations

  • Cisco Unified Intelligence Center - Basics
  • Cisco Unified Intelligence Center - Deployment Models

Cisco Unified Intelligence Center Administration and Operations Console

  • Operations Console (OAMP) Console Introduction
  • Admin User Management

Cisco Unified Intelligence Center Attributes

  • Stock Reporting
  • Dashboard Features

Cisco Unified Intelligence Center Custom Reports and Views

  • Creating Views
  • Building Report Definitions


  • Exploring Cisco Unified Intelligence Center (CUIC) OAMP
  • Working with Stock Reports
  • Working with Dashboards
  • Value Lists and Collections
  • Exploring Supervisor Defaults
  • Using Groups
  • Editing Report Views Pt 1 of 2
  • Editing Report Views Pt 2 of 2
  • Report Definitions and Drilldowns
  • Create Custom Route Call Detail (RCD) Report Definition (Database Query) and Report
  • Value Lists and Drilldowns

Course Prerequisites


Attendees should meet the following prerequisites:

  • Basic knowledge of networking (Windows Active Directory, SQL) and components (servers, routers, switch) is helpful but not required.
  • Working knowledge of Unified Communications Manager and voice gateways
  • Basic understanding of Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise architecture and operation


Recommended prerequisites:

Test Certification


Recommended as preparation for the following exams:

  • No exams are currently aligned to this course.



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