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Learning at Work Week

  • Dates: 14 May, 2018

Learning at Work Week runs from the 14th – 20th of May and is designed to shine a spotlight on the importance and benefits of learning and development at work. Learning comes in many guises and we all learn something new every day – often without realising it at the time.

Global Knowledge is delighted to be involved in this initiative, we recognise that time is the one resource we never have enough off, so for this focus week we have a couple of webinars and whitepapers that are easily digestible. Of course we would love to hear from you if you are looking for more detailed training. 

Migrate a Web App to AWS - Webinar

After selecting AWS as your organization’s cloud provider, users will generally have the question, “how do I move my existing web and mobile apps?” Watch this one-hour webinar where our AWS course director and master instructor Rich Morrow discusses best practices and techniques, the core AWS services to use and performs a live demo of migrating an existing site. Using AWS best practices  and concepts we cover in the "Migrating to AWS" course, in this hands-on interactive webinar, we'll explore: The value of migrating to AWS The phases of migration: Discovery, Planning, Migration, Validation and Optimization Core services used in a web app migration Live Demo on AWS: Migration of an existing site to show users how simple and quick it can be 

How to Make Agile Project Management Work -Webinar

So you want to be more agile, but is it possible in a waterfall world? The short answer is yes! Waterfall can be combined with principles of agility. The trick is to recognize how agile practices lead to organizational agility. Any organization can become more agile, but there are trade-offs that need to be considered. In this hour-long webinar, instructor and presenter Brian Egan will help you understand how to make agile work within your organization. In it you will learn: Agile best practices Discover how organizations can be more agile Agile vs. Waterfall: Discuss the pros and cons of each Dispense the myth that agile can only be used for software development Watch this webinar today and learn how and why your organization should become more agile!

10 Network Security Tools and Tests Everyone Should Use – Whitepaper 

Whether you are operating a home system, overseeing a small startup, or performing security governance for an enterprise, everyone can benefit from paying attention to security. This white paper provides a list of 10 security tools and tests that will help you check out suspicious issues and keep ahead of new risks and threats.

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