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Microsoft 365 Certified Modern Desktop Administrator

Microsoft 365 Certified: Modern Desktop Administrator Associate

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How to become a Certified Microsoft 365 Modern Desktop Administrator?

Learn how a Modern Desktop Administrators deploys, configures, secures, manage, and monitors devices and client applications in an enterprise environment.

Which skills and knowledge are required to certify as Modern Desktop Administrator?

  • Deploy Windows
  • Manage devices and data
  • Configure connectivity
  • Maintain Windows
  • Deploy and update operating systems
  • Manage policies and profiles
  • Manage and protect devices
  • Manage apps and data
  1. COURSE PREREQUISITES: Microsoft 365 Certified Fundamentals Certification (M-MS900)
  2. Follow the "Modern Desktop Administrator (Windows 10)" training course (M-MD100) consisting of the following modules:
    - Installing Windows 10
    - Configuring Windows 10
    - Protecting Windows 10
    - Maintaining Windows 10
  3. Take practice test: MeasureUp Practice Test - Windows 10 (MU-MD-100) (optional)
  4. Pass the exam: "Modern Desktop Administrator (Windows 10)" (Exam MD-100)
  5. Follow the "Managing Modern Desktops" training course (M-MD101), consisting of the following modules:
    - Deploy and Update Operating Systems
    - Manage Policies and Profiles
    - Manage and Protect Devices
    - Manage Apps and Data
  6. Take practice test: MeasureUp Practice Test - Managing Modern Desktops (MU-MD-101) (optonal)
  7. Pass the exam: "Microsoft 365 Certified Modern Desktop Administrator" (Exam MD-101)

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