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Organisational Services

Prepare your organization’s workforce for change

Succeeding in the digital age means transforming the way you do business. Take the guesswork out of change management, workforce development and talent management with our consulting services and training solutions. Leverage our industry-recognized expertise to prepare your workforce for overcoming market challenges. Our approach is pretty simple: we listen first, analyze your organization’s needs and then develop the right solution for optimizing employee and business performance within your industry and market.

Strategize for sustainability. Increase your organization’s lifespan by cultivating best practices for strategic planning, forecasting and leadership development.

Successfully manage change. We provide end-to-end consulting and solution implementation for adapting to market disruptions and innovations.

Grow revenue and expand market share.Launch new products and services faster by training employees in areas like application development, project management and marketing.

Scale up and go global. Learn how to automate, centralize and standardize your processes and products for large-scale deployments.

Increase efficiency and cut costs. Analytics, ITIL®, finance and cloud computing courses empower employees to save you time and money.

Create the ultimate customer experience. Attract and retain more customers with CRM software, service management and sales training.

Skills Framework

Employing a skills framework means that organisations can specify what it is that they need people to do so that everyone shares the same definition.

The framework can then be used to understand what skills they have and what they need so that they can acquire good people, deploy them into the right roles, assess how well they are performing, assist them to develop their capability, and reward them for what they do.

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Upgrades & Migration

Education is key to making sure that any upgrade or IT infrastructure change is smoothly introduced, delivers return on investment and is rapidly adopted and embraced by the users. This may be to improve efficiency, competitiveness or to offer a better service to our customers.  To do so, we need to change from existing applications and architectures and upgrade systems which can result in disruption to business as usual and resistance from our user communities.

Align skills and jobs

Skills Gap Analysis

We help you find disparities between employees' knowledge, skills and abilities and existing or future job roles. Discover your skill needs

Learning Path Design

Give hiring managers the tools they need to attract and retain top talent with clearly defined pathways for employee promotion and training.

Retain top talent


Ensure your new employees adapt to corporate culture and contribute faster by working with our experts to design an effective orientation experience.

Get employees contributing faster

Technology and Service Provider Enablement

Technology and service providers need to shift to a business outcome-based approach to customer engagement. Our business services and sales enablement programs provide the skills and technical solutions to make it happen.

Transform strategically

Our consultants will work with you to provide just the right blend of assistance and support to help you achieve your business goals – we can provide as much or as little as you need to help you to manage your talent effectively.

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