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Upgrades and Migrations

Education is key to making sure that any upgrade or IT infrastructure change is smoothly introduced, delivers return on investment and is rapidly adopted and embraced by the users. 

 This may be to improve efficiency, competitiveness or to offer a better service to our customers.  To do so, we need to change from existing applications and architectures and upgrade systems which can result in disruption to business as usual and resistance from our user communities.

We have supported infrastructure changes within many different and diverse organisations. Our learning consultants are able to advise you on the appropriate amount and type of training that will be most effective.  We work with your project team and key stakeholders to identify the most effective approaches and to delivery of the training so that it encourages use of the new systems and drives adoption of the change.

We use our dedicated approach to understand your requirements and specify the combination of learning resources, activities and supports that will best support the change taking place within your organisation.

This  may be by deploying existing, standard or off the shelf solutions or by devising programme specific solutions using our best practice development methodology.

More information

For more information about how to upgrade and migrate and how Global Knowledge can support, please contact your local Global Knowledge Training Advisor

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