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What is DevOps?

DevOps is quite literally an agglomeration of DEVelopment and OPerations. It is the meeting point of systems, culture and technology that enables an organisation to quickly realise value from effective flow of work from development through test and deployment while preserving operational reliability, performance and security. DevOps is also a word which is increasingly heard & used by organizations that work according to the SCRUM methodology.

It is a software development method that includes communication, collaboration, integration and automation. In a traditional software development environment there is a strict separation in the various departments, but in a DevOps environment all tasks are integrated with which developers are offered a more challenging function.

DevOps is not only "coding" and "testing", but a differentiated task in which all aspects of software development are covered.

Top 3 benefits of adopting DevOps practices

Quality – 50-70% reduction in failure rates
Agility – Up to 90% reduction in provision and deployment time
Efficiency – 15-20% reduction in IT costs

Source: Boston Consulting Group 2017

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