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Subscriptions: Red Hat elearning Standard Single (LS220)

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Red Hat® Learning Subscription provides access to all Red Hat online training content in a single, annual subscription. The subscription includes on-demand, self-paced learning resources—such as videos, e-books, hands-on labs, exams, and technical support—with access to all Red Hat products and technologies. Learn from the same high-quality content of a classroom setting with the added flexibility and 24x7 access.

With this subscription you use an intuitive, user-friendly interface that helps you track your progress towards training and certification goals. With the new portal, you can take control of your learning paths and build them to meet your business and training needs. Take the training you need to solve those difficult business challenges.

You will receive:

  • One year's access to all Red Hat Online Learning courses
  • A single sign-on training module for each student
  • Unlimited access to over 50 online courses
  • 400 hours of cloud-delivered, hands-on lab time
  • 10 e-book downloads
  • More than 300 recorded instructor videos
  • Access to Video Classroom offerings
  • Ongoing access to new and updated courses
  • Access to exams within the learning paths - 5 Certification exams and 2 retakes
  • Skills Paths
  • Expert seminar access
  • Instructor office hours
  • Email support

Red Hat Learning Subscription courses span a variety of different Red Hat technologies, which is why this training subscription is ideal for all levels of IT professionals. This program would most benefit IT professionals such as IT managers, system administrators, software developers, and system architects. Refer to the audience and prerequisites of individual courses to determine if a course is right for you.




Early access

Be the first to explore in-development technology before it is officially released by accessing courses and labs currently in development.

Cloud-based labs

Access the same labs as in the classroom for hands-on practice in authentic Red Hat environments, delivered 24x7 on six continents.

Skills paths

Map your learning and certification goals to one of the skills paths inside the platform to develop a strong foundation for a specific skill set.

Certification exams

Validate your skills through performance-based exams via some tiers. Whether remotely or at a testing station, exams can be taken when and where it's most convenient.

Expert extras

Red Hat field practitioners present short demo videos to supplement courses by showing innovative technologies and practices based on real-world use cases.

Expert chat

Get direct answers and guidance from experts via a 30-minute chat session per day with the standard tier. Machine translations provide chat dialogue in local languages.

E-book downloads

Download up to 10 course e-books to continue learning offline.


An individual’s dashboard provides a summary of training progress, course and lab usage, as well as exam status. Management reports provide the same metrics so the enterprise can measure their team’s engagement and progress.

Translated content

Access Red Hat’s most popular courses in as many as 11 languages: English, International Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, French, Italian, German, Simplified Chinese, Korean, and Japanese, Hindi, and Czech


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