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Kubernetes Introduction

  • Course Code GKKUBINT
  • Duration 2 days

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Course Overview


This Kubernetes introduction training is suitable for anyone who wants to learn the basics of Kubernetes. Based on: a restricted amount of theory, exercises, and working examples this training offer insight and basic skills focused on Kubernetes and Cloud-Native.

Course Schedule


Target Audience


The Kubernetes Introduction training is especially meant for:

  • For the beginner with Kubernetes, who wants to have a basic understanding of Kubernetes after the training and wants to be able to work with Kubernetes on an entry-level.
  • For every IT specialist who is looking for an introduction to the context, and insight into the new technology and principles of Kubernetes and Cloud-Native.
  • For the manager, with enough technical (Linux) baggage to meet the (below) knowledge criteria, and who is looking for a general introduction and a better understanding of Kubernetes, Cloud Native.

Course Objectives


The goal of the training is hands-on learning to work with Kubernetes, so after this training, a participant is able to use Kubernetes on a basic level in his/her work practice.

Course Content


The training covers the following topics:

  • Context – IT history & virtualization;
  • What are microservices and why is it relevant;
  • What is Kubernetes;
  • What is Cloud-Native;
  • Working with Kubernetes: kubectl;
  • Introduction to Helm;
  • Working with Ingress Controller;
  • Automated ci/cd example;
  • Service Mesh example


Course Prerequisites


A lot of work is done with the ubuntu command-line (windows Linux subsystem), where several shell windows have to be kept open at the same time. Knowledge of and skill with bash, Linux commands, private and public keys is required to follow the pace of this training.

Test Certification

This training is a Kubernetes basic training that does not train for an exam. This requires a follow-up training.

Follow on Courses


The following is recommended for further study:

  • Kubernetes CKA Professional (GKKUBCKA)
  • Kubernetes CKA Advanced (GKKUBCKAA)
  • Kubernetes CKAD Professional (GKKUBCKAD)
  • Kubernetes CKAD Advanced (GKKUBCKADA)
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