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E-Learning: Business Skills Collection (GK8424-SK)

  • Price: £445.00
  • Code: GK8424-SK
  • Days Access: 365 days


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Our comprehensive library of more than160 business skills courses is appropriate for all job holders, from junior staff to C-suite executives the collection is designed for the modern learner with video-based instruction in a variety of formats including scenario-based storytelling, animation, and panel discussions with subject matter experts. The learning comes in small doses of actionable micro-learning for optimal retention, multi-dimensional content with practice and retrieval options to reinforce learning and tools to embed learning and practice on the job

You will get 365 days access to a wide range of content areas that cover skills such as:

  • Management Decision-Making
  • Managing Diversity
  • Best Practice in Project Management
  • Budgeting
  • Communication Essentials
  • Customer Relationships
  • Six Sigma
  • Plus many more...
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